Not your Average Bear or Standard Photo booth Company

If you're in a hurry and just want to find a standard photo booth, there are other photo booth companies that have standard booths, backdrops and service. They will add you to their package, and deliver a photo. 


We get it and truthfully it's not our style. 


If you want a company that will give you 100% of the time and attention you want and deserve we are ready to have a relationship with you, a quick chat or possibly a cup of coffee. We promise to exceed your expectations and deliver laughter, not just a photo.

We believe in giving you options for your event photo entertainment. We will help you determine the best booth for your guests, venue space and budget. Our booths have Alaskan personalities and special qualities. We will work with you.



We can do it!

Outside events!

Outside events are quoted on an individual basis. We will need information about the location, surface, onsite power, overhead coverage. Your booth choice will be the biggest factor and your Plan B.  :)  We are a a determined bunch!  We want to make it work. We've  taken our booths on a boat to an island, to Denali and one to Barrow so we can handle just about anything! Provide as much information as possible on the contact form and we will reach out to you. 

Wedding, Party and Event Themes!

We have a huge inventory of props, backdrops, curtains and the expertise. We've done over two thousand events since 2008, and we've seen some incredible ideas and colors. Let us help you get those creative juices flowing! WILD Laughter Guaranteed! 

Which booth is right for my group?

Here are the things to consider:

Most photos taken in booths: Cabin Series because everyone will get in and be silly. We take almost twice as many photos because even the shy people will join the fun.

Most interactive: The Lake Mirror Booth. It is a technological wonder. Your guest will love to sign their name and pick an emoji.

Easiest to share on social media: The Aurora Series connects your guests to their phone on the spot to share the love. 

Most flexible: The View Series has the most photography options with lighting & backgrounds

Smallest footprint: The Cabin Series taking up only 4" x 5" The Aurora Series comes in second

Large & in Charge the Group Grin: The View Series & the Lake Series need at least 8"x 8" spot

Alaska Photobooth Company

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