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Q: What’s included in the rental package?

A: EVERYTHING! 4 to 6 hours of unlimited, instant, free photos at the event, customized center graphics, props, scrapbook pages and supplies, a digital recording of all the images for private events, digital copies free to guests after the event, set-up and delivery and a "Boothie", our own full-time event specialist. Also did we mention guaranteed laughter!

Q: Is it true APC is in Fairbanks, not Anchorage?

A: NO! We are in both locations. Our owner's father moved to in Anchorage in 1948,so we are Alaskans! We started our family-owned business in 2008, and continue to grow employing an amazing team of Alaskans statewide. APC belongs to professional business organizations, has relationships with industry professionals and community outreach organizations and participates in community giving to non-profits, schools and the military in both cities. We have a darling studio/warehouse at 7133 Arctic Boulevard in Anchorage, where we keep multiple booths. We don't keep regular hours at our Anchorage location, but our event management team is more than willing to meet with you there to see our operation. Our administrative office is in Fairbanks, but in Alaska everyone knows everyone so it's wonderful to be in both places.

Q: What do you do to protect privacy?

A: Intimacy is the real photobooth experience. We want our guests to go in and know they're images aren't going to be blasted all over the Internet, by APC. Copies of the high-resolution images are free via a direct email so individuals can decide when and where they want to post their photos. In 2013,heading the opposite direction of our competition, APC decided that our client's privacy and trust was more important than promoting ourselves on social media outlets. We post a few fun, not intimate, images after the event to our pages, but do not use it as a method of distribution. We encourage public groups, corporations & organizations to opt out of the recording, and web galleries to protect themselves and encourage their guests to have a good time in the booth. What happens in an APC photobooth stays in the photobooth. So climb in, laugh out of control and capture the fun. Your secrets are safe with us.

Q: How big is the booth?

A: We have several styles between 4 to 4.5 ft long, 30 inches wide and 6 ft high. They’re about the size of a standard bookcase, just a smidge wider.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes, we are insured with a nationally recognized insurance company, have maintained proper business licensing with the State of Alaska since 2008, and Alaska Photobooth Company, a division of Capture the Fun Alaska LLC is a nationally registered trademark.

Q: How many people can fit in a photo booth?

A: We've had up to nine people! But, honestly, most people love climbing in our booth, pulling the curtain, and being silly privately behind it with that special someone. That is the photobooth experience. We know the squish is the fun, our heavy-duty booths can handle a bunch of rowdy friends. There are many tent-frames and drapery backdrops calling themselves photo booths. We understand: photobooths are so cool! We don’t blame them for wanting to be like us. We just want you to know that we are the real deal. Not a bench and not a tent, we are Alaska Photobooth and since 2008, we have been here for Alaskans and we are so much more than curtains! Your special event deserves a real booth.

Q: When do you set up and is that part of the hourly fee?

A: We usually set up the photo booth an hour prior to the event to ensure perfect performance. When it comes to rental fees, only the hours of the actual event apply, although there may be additional travel fees for some locations or to set-up our tent for a pre-approved outside location.

Q: Will the booth and graphic match my theme?

A: Yes, we have several beautiful wraps that provide décor options; we will match our curtain and beautiful high quality, CLEAN, props with your color scheme.

Q: What makes Alaska Photobooth Company the best value?

A: Our business is photo booths and your event is our focus. We encourage you to compare us with the others claiming to be "photobooth" companies. We are so much more than….

  • Home Made “photo booths”
  • Kiosks with a shower curtain “photo booth”
  • “Photo booths” that fold up into a suitcase at the end of the event
  • “Photo booths” that produce arcade like photos grainy and blurry

We are the Alaska Photobooth Company, Alaska's Premier Photobooth Company. Give us a call. Statewide Administration Office in Fairbanks (907) 479-0010 or in Anchorage at (907) 865-9141.

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